Bitter Harvest
Bitter Harvest 6.1
The Ottoman Lieutenant
The Ottoman Lieutenant 6.7
The Bye Bye Man
The Bye Bye Man 4.3
Law of the Land
Law of the Land 5.4
Song to Song
Song to Song 5.7
Kidnap 5.9
The Lovers
The Lovers 6.1
Double Date
Double Date 6.0
A Young Man With High Potential
A Young Man With High Potential 5.7
Ryde 5.9
A Thought of Ecstasy
A Thought of Ecstasy 4.2
Carros 3 [PT]
Carros 3 [PT] 6.8
Abducted in Plain Sight
Abducted in Plain Sight 6.8
The Crash
The Crash 4.2
Of Fathers and Sons
Of Fathers and Sons 7.3
Rabbit 5.3
The Adventurers
The Adventurers 5.6
Talon Falls
Talon Falls 4.4
Death House
Death House 3.3
Thoroughbreds 6.7
The Upside
The Upside 6.5
Winter Brothers
Winter Brothers 6.6
1945 7.2
Berlin Falling
Berlin Falling 6.2
The Devil's Restaurant
The Devil's Restaurant 4.4
Curvature 4.9
Slamma Jamma
Slamma Jamma 6.3
Unicorn Store
Unicorn Store 3,7