The Wall
The Wall 6.2
Don't Look Now
Don't Look Now 7.3
The Exorcist
The Exorcist 8.0
Carrie 7.4
Poltergeist 7.4
Alléluia 6.2
Message from the King
Message from the King 6.3
Before I Fall
Before I Fall 6.4
How to Be a Latin Lover
How to Be a Latin Lover 5.7
Martyrs 7.1
Rosemary's Baby
Rosemary's Baby 8.0
Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction 8.9
Fight Club
Fight Club 8.8
Jasper Jones
Jasper Jones 6.6
The Saint
The Saint 4.7
Phoenix Forgotten
Phoenix Forgotten 5.2
Descendants 2
Descendants 2 6.9
A Family Man
A Family Man 6.4
Black Butterfly
Black Butterfly 6.0
Pray for Rain
Pray for Rain 5.0
Kill Switch
Kill Switch 5.4
Neerja 7.8
The Ottoman Lieutenant
The Ottoman Lieutenant 6.7
The Circle
The Circle 5.3
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 6.8
The Omen
The Omen 7.6
Naked 5.5
Shin Godzilla
Shin Godzilla 6.8