After Darkness
After Darkness 3.4
Superlopez 5.3
The Neighbor
The Neighbor 5.2
Dying to Tell
Dying to Tell 6.8
303 Squadron
303 Squadron 5.3
A Violent Separation
A Violent Separation 5.5
Greta 6.1
Slaughterhouse Rulez
Slaughterhouse Rulez 5.3
The Burial of Kojo
The Burial of Kojo 6.0
Instant Family
Instant Family 7.4
The Convent
The Convent 4.3
On the Basis of Sex
On the Basis of Sex 6.8
Boy Erased
Boy Erased 7.0
Our Time
Our Time 7.0
You Might Be the Killer
You Might Be the Killer 6.1
Clara 6.8
Destination Wedding
Destination Wedding 6.0
The Kindergarten Teacher
The Kindergarten Teacher 6.8
Sorry to Bother You
Sorry to Bother You 7.0
Monster Party
Monster Party 5.3
Shoplifters 8.0
Styx 6.7
Red Island
Red Island 3.4
Ladies in Black
Ladies in Black 6.7
The Field Guide to Evil
The Field Guide to Evil 5.0
High Life
High Life 6.2
Hell Fest
Hell Fest 5.5
Violentia 8.6