Fast Color
Fast Color 5.6
Rocketman 7.6
Critters Attack!
Critters Attack! 4.1
The Hole in the Ground
The Hole in the Ground 5.7
Wonder Park
Wonder Park 5.8
Ruben Brandt, Collector
Ruben Brandt, Collector 7.5
Saving Zoë
Saving Zoë 4.9
Breakthrough 5.7
Hellboy 5.3
Clash of the Titans
Clash of the Titans 5.8
Here and Now
Here and Now 4.3
Pitch Black
Pitch Black 7.1
The Chronicles of Riddick
The Chronicles of Riddick 6.7
Riddick 6.4
Como Treinares o Teu Dragão: O Mundo Secreto [PT]
Como Treinares o Teu Dragão: O Mundo Secreto [PT] 7.6
4 latas
4 latas 5.5
Kidnapping Stella
Kidnapping Stella 5.3
Point Blank
Point Blank 5.8
Like Crazy
Like Crazy 6.7
Stuck in Love
Stuck in Love 7.2
The Princess Diaries
The Princess Diaries 6.3
Abduction 101
Abduction 101 2.8
Missing Link
Missing Link 6.9
Fisherman's Friends
Fisherman's Friends 6.9
Cities of Last Things
Cities of Last Things 6.0
A.M.I. 4.4
Cold Blood
Cold Blood 4.4
Giant Little Ones
Giant Little Ones 7.2